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 Pumpkin Ranch

Where fall, family, and fun come together!


Fall Educational Tours

Tuesday-Friday, starting at 9:00am, closing at 3:00pm

Hands-on learning begins in our classroom discussing how pumpkins grow with our

"Pumpkin Sprouts" curriculum for younger students

or discover the economics of farming as students assemble into teams in our

"Financial Farmer" curriculum for older students

- Next, students will apply what they've learned in the classroom to your hunt out in the patch as you search for your own pumpkins 

- All followed by free time to enjoy the activities at the Ranch!

COST:  $5/person

Note:  All school employees enter P and M for free during their school reservation


Can we bring our sack lunches?
Yes, please do!  Sack lunches are allowed when we are not open to the public during our regular business ours.  We have numerous picnic areas at P and M where you and your group can enjoy lunch at the Ranch.

Can you accommodate school groups of up to 300?
Yes we can!  Give us a call and find out how we keep you organized so everyone has fun.

Do you have drinking fountains?
We do NOT have drinking fountains here at P and M.  While we do have drinks that can be purchased, we encourage our school groups to bring extra drinks for their students.  They work up quite a thirst having fun here at the Ranch!

Do parents pay to get in also?
Yes, all adult relatives coming with their student pay the $5 School Admission.  They too will be able to pick the free pie pumpkin (or smaller) from our patch.  Here at P and M our activities are those that the whole family can enjoy together!  Your adults won't want to miss out!

How long should we expect to stay?
Schools group need to plan on spending approximately 2.5 to 3 hours at P and M.  This will allow plenty of time for you and your students to enjoy all of the activities at P and M along with your education session, picking your pumpkins, and lunch.

Will we be the only group there during our reservation?
You and your class will receive your own education session, but there is the possibility other groups will be present at P and M during your time here with us.

School Trips

For more information or to schedule your next group event please call Jamie at 620-345-3103.  We can't wait to see you!

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