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Become part of the P&M Family!

Here at P&M, we think of our workers as family!  We couldn't do what we do without them!

Are you someone who:

               loves working with people?            enjoys working in a team environment?

               having fun while you work?           is looking for a temporary, part time job?


Please apply below!

Job Application form for AWESOME P&M Workers!

The 2021 Season is Sept 18-Nov 7, BUT we are mainly looking for AWESOME WORKERS for Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays Sept 18 - Oct 24.  Can only work one of those days for part of the time? Can't work all those weekends?  That's ok, just let us know!

(Friday positions have been filled)

SATURDAY shifts I could work:
SUNDAY shifts I could work:

We have a variety of different jobs here at P&M!  Please check the ones below that interest you the most:

Check all that apply:
Thanks for submitting!  We look forward to talking with you!
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