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Our Mission

Here at P&M, gratefulness for our farm, our family & your family are at the heart of everything of we do. 


the biggest of details to the smallest of details

 the activities we build to the picnic tables we build

the projects for this season to our dreams for seasons yet to come, 

every decision we make, project we take, is about family:

your family, our P&M employee family, and our own family.

Our mission for P&M is to use our farm to create a

family centered environment where

you, your family, & your friends like family can find true joy in spending time together

experiencing the fall together

& making memories together.

Thank-you for coming out to P&M each season,

& letting us do what we do.

What made us want start a pumpkin patch?

Back in the summer of 1999, after a 2 year search for land, we were blessed to purchase our original 54 acre farm.  Back then, it was a golden wheat field that rolled from the gravel road at it's east boundary, down to a tree lined creek at it's west boundary.  Our dreams of building our own home, starting a family, and returning to our roots of farm living were finally coming true. 


Fast forward 11 years down the road, we were now a family of 4, grateful for our life on the farm.  In the spring of 2012, out of a desire to give back to God what He had given to us in our farm and to have a way to teach our girls the value of hard work, we began to pray, asking God how we could use our farm.  In the fall of that year, God answered our prayer, and gave us a God-sized dream to start a pumpkin patch, and 12 months later, in the fall of 2013, He said "Go!"  

In 2014, after lots of continued pray, hard work, and help from family, friends, & fellow pumpkin farmers who passed on their knowledge of pumpkins to us, P&M Pumpkin Ranch opened for it's first season.  As we reflected on all the hard decisions we had faced, even at times questioning whether or not we had heard God correctly, we stood in awe of all God had done in the first season of this new adventure in our lives, and were grateful for His hand of affirmation that we had heard Him correctly. 

As the seasons go by, we remain continually grateful to:

 all the families that come out to P&M each season, allowing us to do what we do!

our employees, who truly are our "P&M Family", we could NOT do it without them!

the pumpkin farmers & experts who continue to pass on their expertise to us!

 And last but most importantly, our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, thank-you for choosing us for this place.  To You and You alone be the glory.

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