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Education Reservations at P&M!

PLEASE NOTE:  we are NEARLY FULL for the 2023 Season  

If you do not see a date   & time that work, please CONTACT US @

When:                                 Tues-Wed-Thurs in October (P&M is closed to the public during this time)

Time:                                  Your reservation will last for 3.5 hours, with reservations starting at 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, & 10:30.                                     - each 30 minute start time can accommodate up to 75 students

                                 - PLEASE NOTE:  WHEN BOOKING the NUMBER OF STUDENTS, if the "Number of                                               Students" available to book is less than the number of students you have, you will need                                          to pick another time~we are so sorry for any confusion in the booking process!

                                 - please note: small groups will rotate together with other small groups, with plenty of                                             space to still enjoy your time together!

Includes:                       Education class, a pie pumpkin or smaller, & time to enjoy selected activities

Cost:                                    $8/per student & caregivers, all school staff come for free*

                                (Please note:  Season Passes are NOT applicable to Education Reservations) 

What to know:     Your time at P&M will begin out in the pumpkin patch where you will receive an             

                                educational class and pick pumpkins, followed by 30 minute rotation times through over                                      20 activities here at P&M, including time for lunch & pig races too!  Please bring your sack 

                                lunches and extra waters, P&M has lots of places to enjoy your lunch.  Since P&M is 

                                NOT open to the public during this time, concessions will NOT be available.  Also, there are 

                                no drinking fountains~please let caregivers know!

*Homeschool groups:  for every 20 purchased Education Reservations, 2 people may come for free

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