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Welcome to our FAQs page!  As we find the same questions frequently come up, we will continue to add them to this page and update it.  Thanks for stopping by!

Do you accept credit & debit cards?

Yes we do!  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  No personal checks please

What concessions do you have available at P&M?

During our weeknight hours we have hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken chunks, french fries, nachos, chips, ice cream and P&M's famous Caramel Apple Daisies and Kettle Corn!  On the weekends we also have Mother Lode Fries, Turkey Legs, The Ranch Skillet, Funnel Cakes, Funnel Fry Sundaes, & Outlaw Spuds!

*Please note:  all items subject to availability

Are the activities open on the weekends open on the weeknights also?

Yes they are!  The many activities that are included in the price of General Admission that are open on the weekends, are open on the weeknights also.  The only exception is the hay wagon rides to the far patch, which runs only on the weekends.  The "Additional Paid Activities", like the diggers, mining rough, and feeding the animals are available also, and the pumpkin cannon is available after the 5:30 pig races on the weeknights.

Can we bring our pets to P&M?

While all of us here at P&M LOVE animals, we are so sorry, but we do not allow pets to enter P&M.

Do we get a free pumpkin with General Admission?

While it is a joy to grow pumpkins, a lot of hard work and expense goes into growing them, so they are not included in the price of Admission.

Can we bring our own food and drink into P&M?

The answer is both no...and also yes:

NO-P&M is a "No outside food or drink" facility.  (Click here regarding food allergies)

YES-every Friday of the season we have "Picnic at P&M Fridays" when you can bring in your own food and drink from 10am-4pm.  Also, if you rent one of P&M's Private Campfire sites, you can bring in your own food. For more information on those, click here! (There is no alcohol permitted at P&M)

If we prefer to visit when P&M is less crowded, when is the best time to come?

Great question, and we appreciate you asking!  Weeknights and Fridays anytime throughout the season are always a good time to come!  Needing to come on a weekend?  The weekends P&M is open in September & first weekend in October have lower attendance, along with the final 2 weekends of the season also.  Please note:  inclement weather earlier in the season can effect/increase weekend attendance later in the season.

Does P&M offer a Group Discount?

Yes we do!  For every 50 or more paying customers (those 3 years old and up) you will receive $1 off General Admission per Ticket

Is P&M Handicapped Accessible?

This is a tough one to answer!  Our pathways are crushed, packed asphalt.  Most patrons who use assistive devices here at P&M, report they do well!  The weather plays a factor too, in that a dryer season can make for more difficult pathways to navigate.  If at any time you need help with transport, please let one of our staff know, we are happy to help!  An ADA bathroom is available on the farm!

Do you rent out motorized scooters, wheelchairs, or wagons?

We do not have motorized scooters, wheelchairs, or wagons available for rent.  But you are welcome to bring your own in!

Are electrical outlets available at the campsites or anywhere else on the farm?

The campfire sites are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors, there are not electrical outlets present at the sites, or anywhere else on the farm.

Do you have parking available for RV's?

We have several large parking lots, and are happy to accommodate RV parking!  Just let us know before you come!

My child has food allergies, can we bring in our own food for them?

Your child's safety is of utmost importance to us!   We ask you please message us prior to your arrival to let us know, so we can make our Admissions staff is aware you will be bringing in your own food.

Why aren't there restrooms more centrally located?

GREAT question, and we are so glad you asked!  While we would LOVE to have bathrooms more centrally located on the farm, zoning regulations & drainage requirements for septic do not allow for us to do so.

If it rains, is it muddy there at P&M?

The pathways from Admissions down through the activities & the activities themselves will not be muddy, but depending on how much it rains at P&M, the pumpkin patches or the maize may be "tacky".  We are a working farm, so appropriate footwear is recommended!

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